Some Nifty Windows Tools Rikard Edgren

Here are some small, free, nifty tools I use now and then:

FreeMind – to model and communicate
WinMerge – to diff or merge files or folders
Process Hacker – to monitor resource usage
Process Monitor – to monitor registry and disk activities
InCtrl5 – for installation testing (what happended to Install Analyzer??)
Fiddler/Wireshark – to see network traffic details
Firebug – to see and edit details in Firefox
Xenu’s Link Sleuth – to find broken links
Zed Attack Proxy – lightweight security testing
NetLimiter – to simulate low bandwidth
Om/Perlclip – put testdata in Clipboard
Rapid Reporter – to document your testing
Color Oracle – to simulate color blindness
Console – a better command prompt

Additions are welcome!

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