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More thoughts on checks Martin Jansson 4 Comments

Scripted testing vs exploratory testing approach I agree with the idea of a polarization between the scripted test approach and exploratory test approach. These approaches include how you perceive testing and a tester. Almost in the same sentence, some say that you do a bit of both scripted and exploratory testing. The perception on testing […]

Some initial thoughts on checks Martin Jansson 5 Comments

Introduction In 2009 Michael Bolton had a talk at Agile 2009 from which he later on wrote about a distinction between testing and checking [1]. He has since then elaborated more in the area and digged deeper into it [2], and continue to do so [3]. By clarifying what we are doing at a certain […]

The Testing vs. Checking Paradox Henrik Emilsson 21 Comments

If you haven’t read the excellent articles by Michael Bolton regarding Testing vs. Checking yet, now is a good time to do it: Done? One thing that struck me with this is that the more testing you do will result in less testing and more checking. I.e., the more you test, the more […]