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Bug Magnets are thinking as criminals Henrik Emilsson 8 Comments

I know of some testers who are pointed out by others to be Bug Magnets; people recognized for their ability to somehow draw bugs to them. Bug Magnets can be found in many workplaces and I bet that you know of someone that falls under this description. I have been appointed a Bug Magnet by […]

A Factory of Skilled Testers Rikard Edgren 11 Comments

I do not see myself as a member of any of the Schools of Testing, and I have ethical problems with labelling other people than yourself. However, I see the schools as a fruitful tool for enhancing your understanding of views on testing. So please join me in the following thought experiment. The following is […]

The Boundaries of System Testing Henrik Emilsson 3 Comments

Over the years I have noticed that System Testing have had a special meaning at every place I have been at; and it has even meant different things for people on the same place. I.e. System Testing is depending on the context; and it is fuzzy because we are dealing with arbitrary and/or general systems. […]

Turns out I’m not a context-driven tester… Rikard Edgren 8 Comments

In many years I have loved most of what is written by the people behind the context-driven school of testing. But I have also felt that there is something that isn’t a perfect match. For a time I thought it was because I saw a few different tries to push people to different schools – […]

The Quality Status Reporting Fallacy Henrik Emilsson 4 Comments

A couple of weeks ago I had a discussion with someone that claimed that testers should (and could) report on quality. And especially he promoted the GQM-approach and how this could be designed to report the quality status. When I asked how that person defined quality, he pointed to ISO 9000:2000 which define quality as […]

Multidimensional Subjectivity in Software Testing Henrik Emilsson 8 Comments

I use Jerry Weinberg’s definition of quality: “Quality is value to some person”; and I use Cem Kaner’s extension to the definition so that it becomes “Quality is value to some person (that matters)”… I.e. quality is inherently subjective. And there are a lot of persons that are affected by software that we produce… With this in […]

Agile vs. agile Henrik Emilsson 3 Comments

This was originally meant as an answer to the (ironic) thread where a new thread was forked when Ola Janson launched a couple of questions regarding agile development. My answers and thoughts on those questions are listed here. In one reply to Ola, Rikard says that he has “…never worked in a truly Agile project…” […]

I am secretly in love with Cem Kaner Henrik Emilsson 3 Comments

Well, “secretly” as in that he does not know that I am in love with him… Yet! If you haven’t discovered the amazing Cem Kaner yet, I can give you the following advices and hoping that you too might fall in love some day: Visit publications and read ANY article from his large publication-section. Buy […]

Tricks with Metrics Henrik Emilsson 2 Comments

Recently in Sweden there was a tragic death to a young child that could have been rescued if only the child had come to a hospital in time for a full exam. The one that was blamed for this death was the medical care hotline company that did not understand the severity of the illness […]

The hidden project stakeholders Henrik Emilsson 4 Comments

This was originally a response to Rikard’s post “Multi-Dimensional Software Testing”, but here I have developed my thoughts a bit. As I see it, there are more or less obvious stakeholders and stakeholders that might be more or less hidden. A “customer” might be such an obvious stakeholder. It might then just be a matter […]