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More and Better Test Ideas Rikard Edgren 2 Comments

At EuroSTAR 2009 I will present “More and Better Test Ideas“; the main idea being that testers could generate many different types of test ideas, and communicate them in a condensed one-liner format. If you have great tips on how to come up with really good test ideas, or want to review the paper I’m […]

Tricks with Metrics Henrik Emilsson 2 Comments

Recently in Sweden there was a tragic death to a young child that could have been rescued if only the child had come to a hospital in time for a full exam. The one that was blamed for this death was the medical care hotline company that did not understand the severity of the illness […]

The subproject chicken race Martin Jansson No Comments

With subproject I mean when larger project have a need to split the project into minor parts. The essence of a chicken race is “Each player prefers not to yield to the other, the outcome where neither player yields is the worst possible one for both players.” The goal for the larger project should be […]

Unwanted bug reports Martin Jansson 4 Comments

A few months ago I reported a bug to the installer of a security radar at a door. He had placed a radar just inside the door so that people who were going out never had to use their pass card to get out. Instead you just walked up to the door and it opened, […]