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Some Good ISTQB Definitions Rikard Edgren 5 Comments

While sifting and sorting the ISTQB Glossary 2.1 I finally found a couple of terms which definitions were both correct and useful: 1. deliverable – Any (work) product that must be delivered to someone other than the (work) product’s author. Good, because it puts focus on the fact that you are creating the deliverable so it […]

Software Testing Storytelling Rikard Edgren 1 Comment

Storytelling has been rising for quite some years and it will soon boom for software testing. The reason is simple: people like stories. And if it is used as status reporting instead of lame numbers, it is a step in the right direction, to say the least. But when testing this idea theoretically, I find […]

Exploratory Testing vs. Scripted Testing – rich terminology Rikard Edgren 2 Comments

Exploratory Testing in its purest form is an approach that focus on learning, evolution and freedom. Cem Kaner’s definition is to the point: “Exploratory software testing is a style of software testing that emphasizes the personal freedom and responsibility of the individual tester to continually optimize the value of her work by treating test-related learning, […]

BCM – Basic Configuration Matrix Rikard Edgren 6 Comments

The variety of configurations (operating system, browser, language etc.) can look overwhelming; and it is impossible to test all possible configurations for Servers and Clients. On the other hand there are certain platforms that are more probable to uncover defects. This is just common sense, but I haven’t seen any terminology for handling this in […]