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Bug Magnets are thinking as criminals Henrik Emilsson 8 Comments

I know of some testers who are pointed out by others to be Bug Magnets; people recognized for their ability to somehow draw bugs to them. Bug Magnets can be found in many workplaces and I bet that you know of someone that falls under this description. I have been appointed a Bug Magnet by […]

(Un)Common Testing Insights? Rikard Edgren 2 Comments

Over the years, one has read quite some text about software testing. Some things have (from various sources and experiences) become clear for me, and I’m surprised when seeing articles/presentations that don’t acknowledge these insights. These “truths” are now and then implicitly disregarded: * Requirements don’t include all important information * Testing includes more than […]

just a few questions… Rikard Edgren 2 Comments

I stopped myself in the hallway just to ask a few quick questions: Why do you like software testing? – That’s not a short question! But it involves a lot of creativity, subjectivity, serendipity, critical and holistic thinking. What’s your motivation for writing on a blog? – I don’t know, I just can’t stop myself. […]

Questions that testing constantly help answering Rikard Edgren 1 Comment

I have been thinking about qualitative research lately, and wondered what the question(s) would look like if testing was seen as a research project. The testing effort has many positive effects, but one common and important is to provide information about the product, so a good release decision can be made. We cannot prove that […]

In search of the potato… Rikard Edgren 4 Comments

When preparing for EuroSTAR 2009 presentation I drew a picture to try to explain that you need to test a lot more than the requirements, but we don’t have to (and can’t) test everything and the qualitative dilemma is to look for and find the important bugs in the product. Per K. instantly commented that […]

What’s so special about software testing? Rikard Edgren 6 Comments

There are some things about software testing that are special, but not unique: * you are never done, and there is always something to do * you have to be creative very often * you are dependent on new, different and conflicting technologies, users, objectives It’s not easy to be a tester, thank God for […]

Michael Bolton on Testing vs. Checking Henrik Emilsson 2 Comments

I just want to promote a really good blog post written by Michael Bolton where he describes the difference between Testing and Checking: I wish that many managers, testers and developers read this post… Cheers, Henrik

I am secretly in love with Cem Kaner Henrik Emilsson 3 Comments

Well, “secretly” as in that he does not know that I am in love with him… Yet! If you haven’t discovered the amazing Cem Kaner yet, I can give you the following advices and hoping that you too might fall in love some day: Visit publications and read ANY article from his large publication-section. Buy […]

Multi-Dimensional Software Testing Rikard Edgren 5 Comments

Thare are many ways to look at the problem of testing software, and it is rarely wise to use only one; that’s why there are so many mnemonics, e.g. SFDPOT, CRUSSPIC STMPL, HICCUPPS, FCC CUTS VIDS (,, Here are some questions for your confusion: 1) What? a) The functionality, what the software does […]

How do you go about testing? Martin Jansson 1 Comment

A project manager, that had no knowledge about testing whatsoever, asked me how he should go about testing? The question was vague since he did not know where to start. I wrote him a quick email listing a few things to consider: Create a list of all use cases. For each use case consider possible […]