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Some Good ISTQB Definitions Rikard Edgren 5 Comments

While sifting and sorting the ISTQB Glossary 2.1 I finally found a couple of terms which definitions were both correct and useful: 1. deliverable – Any (work) product that must be delivered to someone other than the (work) product’s author. Good, because it puts focus on the fact that you are creating the deliverable so it […]

Imaginary Dead horse heuristic Martin Jansson 4 Comments

A while ago I was going to a customer meeting to hold a workshop in SBTM, showing that testing could be managed in a different way. I feel fairly experienced in the way I work as a tester, but at a parking lot my humility and confidence turned over. I was standing next in line […]

Announcing 37 Sources for Test Ideas the test eye 6 Comments

Download! It is often stated, with right, that you should use many, different information sources in order to come up with good test ideas. Rob Sabourin uses 10 categories, HICCUPPS(F) can be used not only as oracles, and Cem Kaner has many examples in various presentations and tutorials. We decided to make our own list […]

Many Models – Better Test Ideas Rikard Edgren 2 Comments

Henrik Emilsson has convinced me that skilled software testing is based on invisible mental models that help us see what can be tested. If we can make these visible, we can sharpen our skills, and also teach testing more effectively. Here follows a simple example I used in class, that shows that by switching between […]