Announcing 37 Sources for Test Ideas the test eye


It is often stated, with right, that you should use many, different information sources in order to come up with good test ideas.
Rob Sabourin uses 10 categories, HICCUPPS(F) can be used not only as oracles, and Cem Kaner has many examples in various presentations and tutorials.

We decided to make our own list with sources we find useful, and describe them so they can be useful for others.
We finally ended up with 37 Sources for Test Ideas; have a look and see if they can inspire your quest for what is important.

Comments, additions, experiences are more than welcome!

/Rikard, Martin and Henrik

Rahul Verma February 14th, 2012

Thanks for sharing this. It’s concise and still exhaustive.

Ravisuriya February 14th, 2012

Useful resource.

Darren McMillan February 14th, 2012

Very good, another useful resource from you guys.

Sören Björnfot October 12th, 2012

Thanks for sharing!

guillaume November 21st, 2012

question ?

how to find test ideas from a common perpsectives
how to train people to think about test ideas instead of test cases
how to record test ideas for a particular product or project

Thank You !

Rikard Edgren November 21st, 2012

Hi Guillaume

From common perspectives: Learn a lot + tester’s mindset

Train in test ideas: Just tell tehm they don’t have to (aren’t allowed to) write test cases, and it’s no problem.

Record test ideas: Use whatever you find suitable: lists in documents, mind maps, whiteboard, sticky notes??