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It’s the little things Martin Jansson 2 Comments

As a tester you find lots of things that bugs you when exploring a system. In some cases these issues only nudge you slightly at first, but after passing over the same issue many times it really starts to drive you crazy. This, at first small issue, has now become something that affect you more […]

HICCUPPS F.C. Rikard Edgren 7 Comments

James Bach and Michael Bolton has a classic collection of consistency oracles; HICCUPPS(F): History, Image, Comparable Products, Claims, User Expectations, Product, Purpose, Standards and Statutes, Familiarity It is a very good collection; not only helping you find out if something is a problem or not, but also the other way round: serving as testing inspiration. […]

Testing Speeds Development Rikard Edgren 1 Comment

This Wednesday I held a presentation at DevCon 2011 entitled Exploratory Test Design (slides) I like this terminology a lot, because it encompasses the two things I want to see in software testing * looking at a lot more information sources than requirements * vary execution and look for many things It was also a […]

The Little Black Book on Test Design Rikard Edgren 15 Comments

During my first paternity leave I learned sourdough baking. During the second I couldn’t help writing an ambitious paper, or a small book, about people-oriented test design, about things beyond test design techniques, close to the exploratory testing tradition. It can be downloaded here. It contains collections of knowledge, and generalizations of my ten years […]