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Notes from EuroSTAR 2008 Rikard Edgren 7 Comments

This years EuroSTAR took place in den Haag, a city that had quite some rain, but also beautiful autumn leaves, and big churches. The theme of the conference was “The Future of Software Testing”, and a recurring image was a traffic sign informing that the future is next turn to the right. I always thought […]

Measurements/Metrics/Analysis/Judgment Rikard Edgren 1 Comment

At www.context-driven-testing.com you can read “Metrics that are not valid are dangerous.” I believe this is true, but I would rather prefer “Metrics are dangerous.” Uninterpreted measurements are not bad by themselves, but when value is added to them, they become metrics, and dangerous because they state specific things without considering a lot of other things, that […]

Resource planning in a flexible test team Martin Jansson 3 Comments

How many should be employed? The quick answer is as many employees that are needed to call the team flexible, but it is not as simple a that. In order to get resources for the team, the team leader usually need to prove he/she needs resources at a certain time. Since the team tries to […]

The flexible testing team Martin Jansson 3 Comments

Introduction The flexible testing team is one way of organising the testing team. It will not be the optimal in all situations and it might not fit all organisations or companies. It might not even be possible to fulfill this because of management issues. In any case, this is one way of looking at it […]

Professional creativity = a conscious way to step out of your consciousness. Henrik Emilsson 3 Comments

Being creative is hard when your consciousness is turned on. Why? Because your consciousness is an alert cognitive state in which you are aware of yourself in your situation. It is a filter, that not only filter out mostly of the incoming information, but also tries to only deal with information that is important in […]


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