Software Quality Characteristics 1.1 the test eye

A year has passed since we released version 1.0 of our quality model without metrics.
It is time for a new version, with additions and corrections we have learned over the year (and a Swedish translation!)

1.1 English
1.1 Swedish
1.0 English

Feedback is always welcome!

/Rikard, Henrik, Martin

Jesus Omar Navarro November 10th, 2011

Hi Rikard,

do you mind if I translate it into Spanish and publish it in my blog? I’d of course quote this site and link it from there.

Stefan Thelenius November 11th, 2011

Thanks for sharing 🙂

Fredrik Liljegren November 11th, 2011

Well done. Well done indeed.

Rikard Edgren November 15th, 2011

Here are the rules for translating our Software Quality Characteristics:

1. Ask for permission (either as comment here, or use mail-address on About page.)
2. Translate with the same categories, but re-phrase appropriately for your language.
3. Cooperate with someone for terminology and proof-reading.
4. Include a link to the source, and name the original authors.
5. Use the same creative commons license (BY-ND)
6. Make the result publically available, and free of charge. (We will link from

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