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Soft crashes give a false sense of safety Henrik Emilsson 5 Comments

At my former company we had a vision of removing/fixing all unhandled exceptions that we found (and that we thought a customer might encounter). After some discussions we decided that the unhandled exceptions should be treated in the same way as we had treated severe errors on previous platforms. I.e. Crashes in C++; NullPointerExceptions in […]

Google Chrome vs. privacy Henrik Emilsson 4 Comments

The other day I was using Google Chrome to browse through internet. One thing I did during that session was to try to download an evaluation of HP Quality Center. I was struggling to register as a user and try to download, but it was not possible. But how does this relate to Google Chrome? […]

BCM – Basic Configuration Matrix Rikard Edgren 6 Comments

The variety of configurations (operating system, browser, language etc.) can look overwhelming; and it is impossible to test all possible configurations for Servers and Clients. On the other hand there are certain platforms that are more probable to uncover defects. This is just common sense, but I haven’t seen any terminology for handling this in […]

Tool site – Windows Sysinternals Henrik Emilsson No Comments

I would like to remind you all about the Sysinternals tool site, which now reside on Microsoft Technet, and is called Windows Sysinternals. http://technet.microsoft.com/sv-se/sysinternals/default(en-us).aspx Old favourites like RegMon and FileMon can be found here; so also the new gems PsTools, Process Explorer and Strings. Great tools for testers on Windows platforms!

Review of Test Case Management system – ApTest Martin Jansson 1 Comment

Introduction ApTest Manager is test management system for manual testing. It is easy to use and easy to adapt to your own liking. You have the option to have different levels of features depending on what test project you are in. The more advanced contain ability to set test time per test case as well […]

Quick test automation using Pexpect and Selenium Martin Jansson 3 Comments

I’ve found a few handy tools for automating tests as well as setting up a test environment in a scripted way very quickly. One is using python as language with pexpect as platform/module. The second one is for testing web pages quickly using Selenium. Python is a powerful scripting language and in combination with Pexpect […]

An Error-Prone Windows Machine Rikard Edgren 5 Comments

I just moved my profile to another domain, which meant I had to setup my Vista machine again. Besides stuff that makes the computer usable (show all files, don’t hide file name extensions etc.), I try to create many possibilities for software to fail. You know, a good tester is often lucky… * run as […]