Google Chrome vs. privacy Henrik Emilsson

The other day I was using Google Chrome to browse through internet.

One thing I did during that session was to try to download an evaluation of HP Quality Center. I was struggling to register as a user and try to download, but it was not possible.

But how does this relate to Google Chrome? I am not sure if this might have to do with one of their EULA-paragraphs about google owning all data sent to their server:
The day after I had the attempts to download the demo, a woman from IBM called my cell phone. And what was she offering? You might have guessed it by now?

She wondered if she could tell me more about the IBM Rational Testing suite.

Was this just a coincidence? I don’t know…

Stefan September 11th, 2008

Seems scary…did you register your cell phone number when installing/downloading Google Chrome? I think I stick with IE/FF…although I like a lot of other Google features

Henrik Emilsson September 12th, 2008

I did not register my cell phone, but I guess that my name is present on the computer; and if my name is sent to google it won’t be hard to locate my cell phone number.

Martin Jansson September 12th, 2008

Someone from IBM Rational called today. She wanted to sell their test tools. I asked her a few questions and she had very few good answers. For instance, are your tools focused on automation or manual tests? She asked what manual testing is.

Rikard Edgren May 19th, 2009

As of yesterday I have started to receive newsletters from Microsoft, regarding education and stuff.
Yesterday morning I visited their site to look at the latest version of MDAC.
I guess they have my mail address since before, and now they thought it was time to catch my interest.
But these mails are very fast and easy to delete…