The Superstitious Bug Reporters Rikard Edgren

I have a friend that proof-reads every bug report before reporting; “otherwise there will be spelling errors”, she says.
I have a friend that always reproduces the bug before reporting it, at least four times.
I have friends that always ask “Bug or Feature?” or “One or two bugs?” when they are uncertain.
I have friends that look beyond each symptom to see if there are more serious errors as well, or if the same type of issue exists elsewhere.

I have a friend that tests the whole area so each bug report can contain all important information, but another friend reports every bug at once, so others get the information fast.
I have a friend that does everything possible to not report Duplicate, As Designed, Not Repro bugs; but another friend thinks that the occasional As Designed issue is a sign of taking responsibility.
I have a friend that focus most on formulating really good titles since they will be read by many, but another one focus on making sure the bug contains as much extra information as possible for the developers.
I have a friend that sometimes makes sure that the report contains only the necessary information; but sometimes puts the issue in a scenario context so the importance is clear.

Bug reports are our most deliverable and our best knowledge base.
And remember what they say in Starship Troopers: “The only good bug is a dead bug”

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Martin Jansson April 26th, 2008

I think the way we write bug reports somehow reflects how we are as a person. Naturally that is over simplifying things, still you can see traits in the bug reports that can be seen in the personality.

The quality of the bug reports produced by the QA Team reflects how other people in the organisation looks at testing is one of our most important deliverables. In the case where other personel haven’t mastered bug reporting it is important to lead by example, thus making excellent reports.