Impeccable bug taste? Rikard Edgren

It cannot be exactly defined what a bug is, or how it should be reported. And each tester, developer, project manager has her own way of writing, thinking about and handling bugs.
I like to think of this as taste.

Do you prefer having all details in a bug report, or only including what you think is important?
Would you rather put high priority or low for an in between case?
Can someone else recognize the style your bug reports?
Do you often think your bug reports are more important than others?
Are you often finding the same type of bugs?
Should the first letter in a title be capitalized?
How do you feel when your bug is returned As Designed?
Do you prefer informal reporting for some type of issues or persons?
Do you count your bugs, and if so, why?
Is the audience preferences for bug style more important than your own (efficiency)?
Which bug would you like to find?

Is your taste for bugs impeccable, in your context?

Martin Jansson April 16th, 2009

I see the bug report as an artifact from the craftsman trade of a tester. In that sense, we take pride in the bug report. We want to perfect it and see that it has no flaws. If someone, as you say, return it As Designed it is easy to become angry! We’ve spent lots of time entering that bug.

Do we accept that a master tester, compared to a apprentice tester, report duplicate bugs?

My taste for bugs is indeed impeccable.

Henrik Emilsson April 21st, 2009

Is my taste for bugs impeccable, in my context?
No, but I rather try to have an impeccable taste for bugs in my clients context.

Still, some clients have been in need of some guidelines and good practices; but in many cases you will have to adjust to the current procedure whether you like it or not…

Sadly, because my taste for bugs is indeed impeccable… 🙂