Tester’s Pedal Rikard Edgren

The tool you’ve been waiting for!

Tester's PedalFunction: When you push the pedal a random input will be sent to the machine, and thereby your application.
By default, a sample of error-prone inputs are available (e.g. ASCII 30, double-click, Unicode, beep)
The nifty thing is to be able to do this rapidly, On-Demand, in unexpected situations, or when you are bored.

System Requirements: any machine with USB (Wi-Fi in 2.0)
Modes: ASCII, all characters, everything
No of inputs sent: 1 to 4,294,967,296
Logging: Temp folder on applicable systems
Limitations: no API, no warranty
Price: TBD

If you plug it in to someone else’s computer, you can take your practical jokes to a new level…

Christian Baumann January 10th, 2011

Great idea!

As long as this isn´t available, you could use Elisabeth Hendrickson´s “Test Heuristics Cheat Sheet”: http://testobsessed.com/2007/02/19/test-heuristics-cheat-sheet/

Rikard Edgren January 19th, 2011

Agreed. Hendrickson’s Cheat Sheet is one of the testing worlds most powerful publically available two-page documents.