I am an Exploratory Tester Rikard Edgren

I am curious about how the system works

I look at details and the whole, and at many places

I use many sources to learn what is important

I am creative and see many testing possibilities

I test in many different ways, and adjust to the situation

I am good at finding important problems fast

I am aware of models enabling and limiting my testing

I can evaluate a system from many dimensions

I can communicate my thinking and findings

I am an exploratory tester

Stefan Thelenius September 21st, 2012

Very well said…great post Rikard 🙂

Rikard Edgren October 3rd, 2012

Thanks, Stefan.

If anyone want more details, you can check out the Recommendations page, e.g.
http://lets-test.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/REdgren_ExploratoryTestDesign_Tutorial_LetsTest2012.pdf (English)
or http://www.thetesteye.com/presentations/Edgren_UtforskandeTestning.pdf (Swedish)

Dwarika Dhish Mishra October 4th, 2012

You have covered all ethos of Exploratory Testing in such rhythmic way that anyone can grasp the concept of this pedagogy.

guillaume October 19th, 2012

easy reading indeed 🙂
what do you think of
I’m not a robot

Rikard Edgren October 19th, 2012

Thanks Dwarika.
I actually considered writing it more rythmic, like poetry, but I’m glad I dropped that idea.

Guillaume, I know you are not a robot.