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I believe we need a lot more examples of software testing. They will be key in transferring tacit knowledge (they will not be all that is required, but an important part.) They work best when done live, so you can discuss, but that doesn’t scale very well.

So I have created a few examples in video or text format:

Exploratory Testing Session – Spotify Offline

Bug Finding – Spotify Space, Image Galumphing

Scenario Testing – LibreOffice Compatibility

Test Analysis – Screen Pluck

I am very interested in knowing if they are useful to you, and how.

Which other public testing examples are your favorites?

Johan Hoberg October 31st, 2014

I like it. Great work. Thank you for sharing.

Rikard Edgren October 31st, 2014

Thanks, Johan.
Your turn to share!

Chris K January 16th, 2015

I like the concept behind this: publishing examples of your testing to a public forum (both youtube and here). Did you do these exercises for your own purpose / understanding? Do you use these to teach with?

Keep it up!


Rikard Edgren January 19th, 2015

Thanks, Chris.
The examples are created for teaching (my own learning is a positive side-effect.)
“Real” examples would be great, but for my own stuff, the software is not publically available, and I also believe too much explanations are needed to make it good. I use real test strategy/plans and test reports in class, but I do a lot of talking around them in order to make them understandable.
The intention with these examples is that they can be useful as they are.

The exploratory testing video is a session I have done live in class before, and I knew it would make an interesting video recording (I have done this session three times , with a year in between, and the results are different, cause the software changes.)

So the answer is yes, I use these to teach, quite often by doing something else as a live example, and having these examples as an extra resource to use for learning at home.

Saifullah February 22nd, 2015

Hi Rikard,

I like the idea of yours making practical example. It helps to develop testing mind. When I was looking on YouTube about testing, I was expecting something practical example like yours. It would be great if you can give more examples on YouTube. Thanks for your great works and sharing!


Rikard Edgren February 22nd, 2015

Thanks, Saifullah!
I would like to create more examples as well, but it takes loads of time, much more than one might expect (I have other examples on youTube that aren’t that good, and there are several files on my machine that are no good at all!)
But there will be more examples, but I don’t know when, and in which format.

Rafael December 3rd, 2015

Hey Rikard! Congratulations for your blog, veru useful 🙂

Actually I’ve never seen a scenario in this model you did, I confess, but it is very interesting.

In all the companies I’ve worked my test team’s just me, so I never did cases and test scenarios very extensive (the client never asked for documents and the manages also not).

Well, actually I’m creating my scenarios and test cases so: http://screencast.com/t/xJBRkr2D9Y

The scenario name is in center and test cases on sides.


Rikard Edgren December 5th, 2015

Thanks Rafael.
I rarely do extensive scenarios like this, but when I have, I have never regretted it.
More often my testing is “scenario-like”, where scenario elements are included, on-the-fly, in other testing I do.

I know nothing about the context for yout login example, but if you want more tests, I would recommend thinking more about Data, Platform and Users.

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