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Let’s TestLab concepts Martin Jansson 1 Comment

On 7-9 May the Let’s Test Conference will take place. During the day there will be lots of interesting tutorials, keynotes and sessions. During the evening the events will continue. One of these activities is the Testlab, that we call Let’s TestLab. Initially I misunderstood Henrik Emilsson when we started to organise the lab. I […]

More thoughts on checks Martin Jansson 4 Comments

Scripted testing vs exploratory testing approach I agree with the idea of a polarization between the scripted test approach and exploratory test approach. These approaches include how you perceive testing and a tester. Almost in the same sentence, some say that you do a bit of both scripted and exploratory testing. The perception on testing […]

Don´t hustle my flag! Henrik Andersson 7 Comments

I´m sure you have heard it before. Everyone can test or Everyone does testing. Is that so? Is that really the case? Do you test just because you use a product? Do you test just because you stumble upon a bug? Do you test just because you can write some detailed step into a test […]

Imaginary Dead horse heuristic Martin Jansson 4 Comments

A while ago I was going to a customer meeting to hold a workshop in SBTM, showing that testing could be managed in a different way. I feel fairly experienced in the way I work as a tester, but at a parking lot my humility and confidence turned over. I was standing next in line […]

The Scripted and Exploratory Testing Continuum Henrik Emilsson 7 Comments

I have been using the Scripted – Exploratory Testing Continuum (For one source of this, see page 56 in http://www.ryber.se/wp-content/EssentialTestDesign.pdf ) in classes to explain how scripted testing and exploratory testing intertwines; and to explain that most of our testing is somewhere in the middle of the continuum. But I have also had some issues with this […]

Pair testing with a flare of checking Martin Jansson No Comments

When I explain pair testing I usually say that you pair up two persons. One drives the testing while the other documents, comes with suggestions and asks for clarifications. In this context, if we consider the use of testing and checking. What if the person driving focus on testing (that is usually the case) and the […]

Some initial thoughts on checks Martin Jansson 5 Comments

Introduction In 2009 Michael Bolton had a talk at Agile 2009 from which he later on wrote about a distinction between testing and checking [1]. He has since then elaborated more in the area and digged deeper into it [2], and continue to do so [3]. By clarifying what we are doing at a certain […]

Funcacles or unactivated oracles? Henrik Emilsson 2 Comments

Last week I took the Rapid Test Management (RTM) class in Gothenburg with James Bach. As always, he is such an inspiration and really makes you engage and think. Thanks for that James! In one part of the class we were factoring an application: Factoring: Dimensions of Interest Factoring is the process of analyzing an […]

Seventeen Test Ideas Rikard Edgren 2 Comments

As an exercise, try these generic test ideas on any product, for instance a recent upload to sourceforge.net. Then come up with a better test idea, and write as a comment. Also suggest one to remove; I have decided they must be seventeen (a Tranströmer homage) * Try to do what it is supposed to […]

It’s the little things Martin Jansson 2 Comments

As a tester you find lots of things that bugs you when exploring a system. In some cases these issues only nudge you slightly at first, but after passing over the same issue many times it really starts to drive you crazy. This, at first small issue, has now become something that affect you more […]