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Unwanted bug reports Martin Jansson 4 Comments

A few months ago I reported a bug to the installer of a security radar at a door. He had placed a radar just inside the door so that people who were going out never had to use their pass card to get out. Instead you just walked up to the door and it opened, […]

Decisions around the product release – part 3 Martin Jansson 2 Comments

What is essence of the discussion on release team/showstopper meetings? I am assuming that there is a meeting. I’ve been to many different kinds of showstopper meetings and most companies handle them differently. One important item on the agenda for the meeting is usually the bugs that are found late in the project, thus at […]

Impeccable bug taste? Rikard Edgren 2 Comments

It cannot be exactly defined what a bug is, or how it should be reported. And each tester, developer, project manager has her own way of writing, thinking about and handling bugs. I like to think of this as taste. Do you prefer having all details in a bug report, or only including what […]

The Superstitious Bug Reporters Rikard Edgren 1 Comment

I have a friend that proof-reads every bug report before reporting; “otherwise there will be spelling errors”, she says. I have a friend that always reproduces the bug before reporting it, at least four times. I have friends that always ask “Bug or Feature?” or “One or two bugs?” when they are uncertain. I have […]